Stories From The Past (Greg)


Greg went to Bonnie’s House June 30, 2003. This is his sobriety date. Greg was drinking an using cocaine. Jerry had recommended that Greg follow him to Bonnie’s.. Greg had a Ford pickup truck, no job and no real prospects. Greg had been evicted out of his apartment and he was locked out and the landlord kept all his stuff.

Bonnie told him to sit down at kitchen table and asked if he wanted a place to stay or to be clean and sober. Greg said he wanted to get sober but he did need a place to stay.

About ten people lived in the house at the time. Greg was able to be of service by using his truck on bread runs to Kroger’s.

She had a parrot and a macaw. One of them would ask “Do you want come craaaack?” The residents got in trouble teaching the birds bad words.

Two women and Bonnie’s granddaughter lived in the house. They all stayed in Bonnie’s room. She would know if any hanky-panky went on.

Greg lived there two weeks before he got a job. He went to two meetings a day at the Conroe Club and at the house. She took residents to conventions and put 6 people to a room. She would have three on the box springs and three on the mattress on the floor.

Greg got a sponsor within the first two weeks, Sherry T and she had to approve him. She wanted to be assured that he had worked the steps.

The routine at the house was morning meditation at 5:30 am and then one of the residents would cook breakfast. The residents who didn’t go to work would do did the cleaning.  The residents got food and lodging.

Greg got a job working for a local road paver. When he got paid she asked if he had gotten a check and if he had cashed it. She told him to give her the money; she counted it, gave Greg $20 and put the rest in her bra. She said he would need that for gas because he would be going to a lot of meetings. For Greg, this was the turning point. He said he needed structure and guidelines.

Four men slept in the room with Greg. No one was using or drinking. There was a lot of turnover. One resident had gotten out and used crack and was trying to sell the hubcaps from his truck to get more.

She had a sticker on the bathroom mirror saying “you’re looking at the problem”.

Greg lived there for six months. It was time for him to go. He made his six-month commitment and moved in with Jerry his sponsor.

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